12u x 104hp Wall Mount Case with Trogotronic M15  Power

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One-off case, wall mountable 12u x 104hp eurorack case with Trogotronic M15 power.
70mm minimum depth for modules overpower units.
Sliding nuts.
Overall size 568mm x 570mm x150mm.


Available now – 2-4 days.

Module Fixings

SynthRacks eurorack cases are all set up to accept M3 machine screws.

Each 3U will also be provided with M3 machine screws, which are suitable to use with the sliding nuts or the threaded rails. We keep a stock of all fixings so additional M3 machine screws and nuts can be purchased as required.

Sliding nuts are more economical and should allow you – by loosening the screws – to slide a module along the rail to reposition it without taking it out of the case. They will also ensure that the modules can butt up neatly to each other, which otherwise may not be possible with threaded rails, due to different manufacturers tolerances of the modules face panel.

Either way, not a matter to dwell on for too long as the frame can be removed from the case without much effort and additional nuts or threaded rails can be inserted.

Additional information


Blonde, Ivory, Slate Grey, Black, Blue, Orange

Module Fixings

Square Sliding Nuts, Threaded Inserts

Horizontal Pitch

84HP, 104HP, 126HP

Power Supply

Konstant Lab BoardPWR, Konstant Lab StrongPWR, No power, Tiptop Audio Zeus Studio Bus


3U, 6U, 9U

Utility Cut Out

2.1 barrel D/C input switched, 2.5 barrel D/C input switched, No cut out, Switched/fused IEC mains input (kettle lead)


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