6U/84HP Walnut Case with – Konstant Lab Strong PWR

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Walnut hardwood with a contrasting black painted ply base
Threaded M3 inserts in the quality SynthRacks aluminium rails.

This unusual wedge shape case is open at the back which can provide easy access to the bus board for connection of modules. Maximum depth of modules on the front row that can be accommodated is 50mm and 90mm on the upper row

This is one-off custom case fitted with Konstant Lab StrongPWR and is fitted KonstantLAB bus board (18 module connection points). It is supplied with the recommended external Meanwell power brick and leads. See below for further info on the power. Complete with a set of M3 machine screws for fixing the modules to the case.

Overall dimensions 473mm wide x 360mm front to back x 190mm high at the rear, 72mm at the front.

Power Supply:

2000mA +12v
1200mA -12v
1500mA +5V

The Konstant Lab StrongPWR is a 4HP wide module that is mounted to the case as a module providing on its face panel:
• DC input jack, (5.5 x 2.1 DC input, centre positive) is for the supplied Mean Well power brick.
• On/off switch
• 3 LED indicator lights showing the presence of output voltage
• USB connector for charging a smartphone, tablet, supply light lamp or external sequence.

A second DC jack socket on the face panel allows for daisy chain connecting to a further power StrongPWR module for larger systems. There is an input filter on each regulator for minimal output noise and interferences. Output power is similar to the BoardPWR at 45w and connects to the KonstantLab filtered bus boards with 200m long ribbon cables.
A second bus board can be fitted as an optional extra (+ £35 please message)


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