News release: New UK based Eurorack Case Supplier

Dec 10, 2015 | News

UK based StudioRacks launches SynthRacks – a manufacturer of Eurorack Cases for the DIY Modular Synthesis community.

The recent popularity of Modular Synthesizers and especially the Eurorack format has seen many StudioRacks customers inquire about supplying high-quality Modular Eurorack Cases. The expert knowledge from the team at StudioRacks and demand from their loyal customers has led to the launch of SynthRacks. SynthRacks will focus on supplying quality wooden Eurorack Cases in a variety of sizes and styles to the UK and European market through their website

I have been building recording studio furniture for over ten years and for the first time there has been a real buzz about us building something quite different. It’s an exciting prospect to be working with the DIY Modular Synthesis community as they are so enthusiastic.  John Lancaster SynthRacks Owner

The cases will provide the UK and Europe a hand made readily available option, with dispatch and delivery in 3 working days from placing the order.

If you want to see the initial product line visit and if you want to keep up to date with the latest products follow their Twitter account @synthracks.

9U Cherry Eurorack