Custom Eurorack Cases

If you are after a customised case bespoke to you and your studio space, with your own personal touches to the shape, size and finish of the case, a custom eurorack case might be the ideal solution for you. We can design the cases in a range of sizes, shapes, finishes and additional features. All our cases are available with or without power.

We are able to offer a range of solid wood options or we can work with plywood or other manufactured materials with varnish or painted finish.

If you would like a different wood, we can order this in, or we have a selection of painted finishes available.

We manufacture our own rails, so we are able to create cases to your exact HP (Horizontal Pitch) requirements. Custom cases have slightly longer lead times, as we work closely with you to get the design right, order the relevant materials required to fulfil your order.

We have been building custom studio furniture for over 15 years and know what it takes to get the perfect solution for your set up. If you are interested in a custom case please get in contact with John & Tobias, with the below contact details.

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