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Looking for a place to house your eurorack modules? We have a wide range of eurorack cases available to suit. Whether you are looking to fill a space in your studio with a eurorack case, or to take out on gigs with you, we have a selection of cases available. If you are just looking to get started in the eurorack world we have starter kits available and can customise to an extra small eurorack case, if required. Our modular cases come in all shapes, colours, and sizes and we are happy to customise to your needs.

Our first Eurorack case Peter was introduced in 2016 and is a fantastic addition to both the home and professional studio.

Peter, was rated 10/10 from it Music Tech review and has been (along with many of our case designs) very well received over the years from Eurorack enthusiasts all over the world. Peter has been renamed and now exists as the Studio Case range meeting the demand for small and for much larger Eurorack cases.This together with the wide material choice, style range and the ever increasing power options we stock has led to a bewildering number of choices. So on this latest website update we wish to bring more clarity to what is available to you either if you want Synthracks to make you just the case and you are going to fit your own power or if you want your new SynthRacks case with the power supplied and fitted for you.All case are made to order and we aim for a turnaround of 3-4 weeks for the majority of cases , 4-6 weeks for the larger or custom Eurorack cases.All our Eurorack cases cases can be specified with threaded inserts or sliding nuts . All cases are available with or without power fitted. If you are based in the UK and want to order a case without power you can buy it directly online from the website. The prices are clearly stated.If you wish to have power fitted to a case please email us with the details of the case i.e. style , size, material choice. We will email you back quotes with suitable different power options. The Price for the power supplied and installed in the case won’t be a nasty shock to you it will be very much in line with the power bundles we offer on the web site from Doepfer, KonstantLab and TipTop.If you have any customization requests or ideas please let us it as we are happy to look into it for you.If buying from outside of the UK please email for quotes including delivery to your country.

What is the lead time on your eurorack cases?

Generally, we specify that our eurorack cases will take 3-4 weeks to make and deliver from the point of purchase. This is a guideline for the maximum time it will take for us to deliver. Usually, we will fulfil your order in a shorter time period, but this is also dependent on the orders in the queue. We ship worldwide, so do get in touch, if you are an international customer.Generally, orders to the UK will have a faster delivery period, so international orders will need to take this into account, but we will contact you throughout the process to make sure you are up to date with your order. If you want to find out more about shipping, please see our delivery page.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, all our cases are available for international shipping.

Do your eurorack cases come with power?

All our cases are available with or without power. If you are unsure of what power supply you need for your set-up, please get in touch and we can advise on what power supply is best suited for your needs. We have stock from Tiptop Audio & Doepfer.
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