Doepfer A-100 DIY Kit 1

£159.00 (£132.50 ex VAT)

The Doepfer A-100 DIY kit #1 provides a low-cost, self-assembly power supply. It is a practical, low-cost solution to get you up and running with your modular setup. This is ideal for someone just getting started in the eurorack world. We can supply this as DIY kit for your own installation as there are no dangerous voltages accessible from the transformer onwards.
We can also fit this Doepfer system to our own SynthRacks cases for you as a good economic power solution. We would suggest it is suitable for a 6u x 84HP or 104HP case. You will need to check the power draw from your modules to be sure. Please ask for further details.

Each kit comes with the following:
• 2 x A100  Busboards each with 14 x 16-pin headers for connecting Eurorack modules. each board has LED lights to indicate the +12v/ -12v  (and +5v if the optional  A-100 low cost adaptor used)
• External transformer with on/off switch.
• 4 x 84HP  Eurorack rails (2 pairs)  incl. 8 x M5 mounting screws for end fixing the  rails to your case
• Approx. 160 nuts M3 for insertion into the corresponding pull of the profile rails (this allows the modules to be displaced freely and modules from other manufacturers with deviating positions of the holes can also be used without gaps)
• All the cables required to hook up the 2 Busboards from the power pack
• Details, with dimensions, for building your own case and mounting the 2x A100 busboards

Power Supply:
1200mA +12v
1200mA -12v
+5V see note below

Should you require a +5v supply you can add in,  as an optional extra the A-100AD5, a 5v adaptor which provides  +5V@100 mA to the bus board it is plugged into. If the A-100 AD5 is used the power for this is drawn from the +12V rail.

Please note the external transformer works at 230V and supplies the15v AC output required to operate the system (NOT DC). The external transformer has a European plug, UK purchasers who buy this system from SynthRacks will be supplied with a suitable adaptor. We now also have in stock a USA version.