Doepfer A-100 PSU3 (A-100 power supply unit 3)

£144.00 (£120.00 ex VAT)

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An assembled and tested power supply 12V / 2000mA, -12V / 1200mA, +5V/4000mA, mains voltage with a wide range of input 100-240V.

Up to four bus boards can be connected to the A-100 PSU3. Primarily intended for use with the Doepfer A-100 bus boards but can be used with many other passive bus boards.

Dimensions:  200 mm (length) x 80 mm (width) x 40 mm (height).

This can be retrofitted to upgrade older Doepfer cases and is a direct replacement for the older A-100NT12 or A-100 PSU2. The PSU3 has it own spacers attached and comes with mounting screws.

The mounting hole positions dimensions can be found here:

NOTE: Suitable for qualified personnel only because of electrical safety (dangerous mains voltage 115V / 230V) does not include cables, mains inlet or power switch.