uZeus 4HP PSU with Flying Bus Board

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The uZeus is a 4HP power supply module for Eurorack format synthesisers.

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The uZeus is a power supply module for Eurorack format synthesisers. It is the smallest and most powerful power supply available for its size. It features two flying bus boards, that allow you to plug in and play. Each flying bus board has 5 keyed connectors for connecting the modules to. There is an option on the uZeus to add a third flying bus to increase the number of connection points.

To operate the uZeus you need an external power supply adaptor. SynthRacks can supply you with an optional and suitable 15VDC 2.0amp adaptor with your uZeus for use in the UK & Europe (We will assume and send the correct 15v adapter according to location) or the uZeus boost 13V DC (switching) power brick which can be used worldwide with a suitable mains cable.

  • When using a 15DC unregulated 2Amp adaptor the uZeus can supply 1000mA on the +12v rail, 500mA on the -12v rail and 170mA at +5V.
  • When using the uZeus boost power you will be able to double the capacity of the +12v rail to 2000mA .

You are advised to read the short TipTop manual which provides advice and essential information on the operation of the uZeus . In particular, you should read and understand the section on using the -12V Rail. Download the Tiptop manual.

The uZeus is 3u x 4HP and 36mm deep.

If you are using your own DC power adaptor it needs to have a 2.5mm barrel bolt with centre pin positive supplying 2000mA , 15vDC.


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15V AC/DC Power Adapter, No Power Supply, uZeus Universal Adapter

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