Tiptop Audio

At SynthRacks we currently stock two different TipTop Audio Eurorack power systems. Each system does not require you to deal with a mains voltage power within the eurorack case therefore, it does not need to be fitted by qualified electricians, making it safer and suitable for all to use.

Tiptop Audio uZeus

The TipTop Audio uZeus system is a plug in and play unit and comes with 2 flying bus boards. Each flying bus board has 5 keyed connectors for connecting modules too. There is an option on the uZeus to add a third flying bus to increase the number of connection points.

The uZeus system is primarily aimed at supplying enough power for a 3U 84HP system. To operate the uZeus you need a 15DC power supply adaptor. When using a recommended 2amp 15V DC power adaptor (wall wart type), it can supply 1000mA on the +12V rail , 500mA on the -12V rail and 170mA at +5V, in practice is likely to be adequate for 6u of 84HP. Please note, this is a general indication and you are advised to read the short manual and as always, calculate the power draw of your individual Eurorack modules.

SynthRacks can supply a suitable 15VDC 2.0amp adaptor with your uZeus for use in the UK.

If you need to get more power from the uZeus, TipTop have recently introduced the 3.0Amp uZeus boost (switching) power brick for use with the uZeus. This doubles the capacity of the +12v rail to 2000Ma, thus maxing out on the capacity of the system. In practice, it likely to be enough to supply 6U of 104HP ie a 6U SynthRacks Peter Eurorack case! But as always, you should check the draw of your individual modules.

The uZeus boost 15V DC power supply will work worldwide (100v-240v) but does not come with an IEC cable (kettle lead), this needs to be purchased separately. We have the uZeus boost up on the site for sale and if you are purchasing this and a uZeus for one of our SynthRacks Eurorack cases we will include the IEC cable.

TipTop Audio Zeus

The TipTop Audio Zeus system provides high power, low noise and minimal bleed through between modules – hence warranting the accolade of studio-grade power.

To run the system you need at least one Zeus Studio Bus, a Zeus Access switch faceplate, to connect the Studio Bus to the power supply and a high quality, power brick providing 4.6A of 15vDC power – we stock the Cincon power brick.

One Access, one Cincon can operate up to three Zeus Studiobuses which in practice makes it ideal for a 6U or 9U case . If you want to power a larger system – say, 15u x 126HP case – then you would be advised to use five Zeus Studiobus, a Zeus Dual Access faceplate and two x Cincon power bricks.

If you are starting off on your Eurorack journey and from the outset you know you want good quality power then you should consider this system, you can always add a second and third Studiobus as the modules accumulate. Get your case and power from SynthRacks and we can prepare your case for the power and supply the necessary bits to hook it all up!

TipTop Audio

Manufactured: Silicon Valley, California, US.

Established: Early 2000’s.

Bio: Tiptop Audio manufacture Eurorack modules, specialising in analog and digital circuitry and in more recent years, Tiptop Audio have entered the music production market with a catalog of voltage controllable drum modules.

Tiptop Audio are highly recommended by the modular synthesizer community and we believe their PSU kits compliment our cases perfectly.

The TipTop Audio Zeus system provides the perfect solution for providing power to your Eurorack Case. To power your case you will need:

  • Zeus Studio Bus board – one for each row of modules.
  • Zeus Access Switch
  • Cinicon-TTA Power Supply.

There is lots of information and additional details in the TipTop Audio Zeus Studio Bus manual.

We also sell the uZeus 4HP PSU with Flying Bus Board, which provides the power to get you started with a 3U Eurorack, such as our Eurorack Starter Kit.