1U Eurorack Frame

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Eurorack Frame

  • 60HP – 168HP
  • Great for DIY Builds
  • Dispatched constructed
  • Custom sizes available – please get in contact
  • Delivery 2-4 days
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These 1U eurorack frames are ideal for DIY Eurorack case builds and are suitable for the Intellijel 1u format modules. Modules designed to fit into the Pulp Logic / Erthenvar 1u format will not fit these frames.

The frames are assembled for you using our own SynthRacks anodised aluminium rails and available in 84HP, 104HP, 110HP, 126HP & 168HP either with sliding nuts or threaded rails. Custom sizes can also be supplied – please email if you require an alternative size.
A suitable number of m3 x 8 screws are included. These are suitable for use with the sliding nuts or the threaded inserts

We advise you that you purchase your frames and/or rails before you start building your case.

The number of nuts installed in the frame are:

  • 84hp frame – 40 (20 each rail)
  • 104hp frame – 50
  • 110hp frame – 52
  • 126hp frame – 60

If you want to understand more about the different type of rails available, take a look at this handy Eurorack rails guide we have put together.

Additional information

Module Fixings

Square Sliding Nuts, Threaded Inserts

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  1. Mark V. (verified owner)

    well made. solid an lightweight. perftect

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