Eurorack Mounting Rails

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Eurorack Mounting Rails

  • 20HP – 168HP
  • Ideal for DIY builds
  • Custom sizes available – please get in contact
  • Delivery 2-4 days
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Eurorack mounting rails, made from anodised aluminium are ideal for DIY eurorack case builds. The rails are available in a variety of different sizes. The profile of the rail allows the use of either face to be used depending on your preference. One face has a lip similar to many of the rails commonly used in eurorack case builds and the other, which is more in line with the vector rails and has no lip. Either face will work with SynthRacks side cheeks.

The rails are supplied with, 35mm x M5 machine screws with a countersunk head, for attaching your rails to your case. You can purchase M3 machine screws and nuts from our fixings page, which will be required to fix your modules to the rails.

We can also supply a selection of the rails with M3 threaded strips.
The rails can be attached to your case with side-cheeks or through the case, using the supplied M5 machine screws. 35mm M5 machine screw will allow you to attach the screw to the case with a material thickness of 20mm or less.

We advise you that you purchase your eurorack rails before you start building your case. This is to ensure that you get the right fit.

If you want to understand more about the different type of rails available, take a look at this handy Eurorack rails guide we have put together.


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