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Peter, is the first Eurorack Case in the SynthRacks line and a fantastic addition to any studio; home or professional. Peter, scored a 10/10 from MusicTech and has been well received within the Eurorack community.

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The 12U Eurorack Case is the latest addition to the SynthRacks Peter range and has adopted a slightly gentler curve on the face, whilst retaining the distinct familiar look.

The case is available with a selection of variables to help customise the case to your needs. Including horizontal pitch, power supplies and fixing components. The case is largely made from solid hardwood and finished with Danish Oil for a great finish and to protect the wood.

The choice of finish is Cherry, Oak, Sapele and Walnut Choice The inner panels are black, which works as a nice contrast to the hardwood finish. Depths are generous and at least 80mm and up to 130mm in places with plenty of space for power without encroaching on these depths.

If you require the cases with power we are happy to install and recommend TipTop Zeuss studio system, KonstantLab BoardPWR or KonstantLab StrongPwr.

Doefer PSU3 system is also worth considering as a power supply. Whilst we are happy to install the components into the case for the Doepfer PSU3 system, as it involves dealing with 110-240v you would need to arrange the wiring connections with a suitably qualified installer.

Turn around time from order to delivery, is 3 to 4 weeks. If you need something quicker have a look at the “Available Now” section which can be navigated to from the menu at the top of this page.

At the back of the case, there is a continuous air vent and a utility cut out (60mm x 90mm) in the rear panel which is blanked off with 2 removable and interchangeable panels, that simply screw into the rear panel covering the cutout. The main purpose of the cutout is to allow for easy access to install an alternative power supply. We can supply a variety of panels including a plate housing an unwired IEC C14 male connector (a kettle lead). This will occupy half of the utility cut out. The second half can remain as a vented blank panel or we can supply a plate with a variety of handy pre-punched panels.


The TipTop Audio system provides quality Eurorack power for your system. If you purchase your case with the TipTop Audio Zeus Studio Bus system, you will be provided.

  •  Zeus Studio Bus board – one for each row of modules.
  • Zeuss Access Switch.
  • Cinicon-TTA Power Supply.

There is lots of information and additional details in the TipTop Audio Zeus Studio Bus manual. The manual is well worth reading to understand the system, although a great deal of the information is about installing the power in your case. Of course, if you order a SynthRacks case with a power system, we will install it for you. If you are starting to build up your Eurorack system, we can supply a single Zeus Studio Bus board, to which you can add additional boards as your system builds up (please get in touch to enquire about pricing). The case will be pre-drilled to accept new boards – if you get these from SynthRacks, we will supply all the necessary hardware (the standoffs/spacers) and hook up wires.

The Zeus Studio Bus board offers a total of 16 module connectors: 14 of them are 16-pin headers for connecting Eurorack modules and two of the connectors are for Analogue Systems modules. The additional 5V voltage needed by some modules is being generated internally by the Zeus Studio Bus. Three LEDs show the active voltages 12V, -12V and 5V. The maximal current per bus board is 1250mA at 12V, 800mA at -12V and 300mA at 5V. Tiptop Audio recommend the use of a powerful external power supply with 4.6A for providing up to three Zeus Studio Busses with power. The Cinicon power supply will be supplied with a 13amp IEE lead (kettle style lead). If you are buying outside of the UK you will need to supply your own lead to connect the power to the mains.

Note: Cinicon switching power supply works with 110v to 230v.


3 – 4 weeks delivery of a 12U case, as these are built to order.

Module Fixings

SynthRacks Eurorack Cases are all set up to accept M3 machine screws. We would recommend the square sliding nuts; with each case you will be supplied with the following:

  • 104HP cases – 50 M3 sliding square nuts per 3U frame.
  • 110HP cases – 52 M3 sliding square nuts per 3U frame.
  • 126HP cases – 60 M3 sliding square nuts per 3U frame.

However, you can specify – as an optional extra – that your case is fitted with threaded rails instead of the sliding nuts. (Note: threaded strips will come in two parts, in cases larger than 104HP)

Each 3U will also be provided with M3 machine screws, which are suitable to use with the sliding nuts or the threaded rails. We keep a stock of all fixings so additional M3 machine screws and nuts can be purchased as required.

Sliding nuts are more economical and should allow you – by loosening the screws – to slide a module along the rail to reposition it without taking it out of the case. They will also ensure that the modules can butt up neatly to each other, which otherwise may not be possible with threaded rails, due to different manufacturers tolerances of the modules face panel.

Either way, it is not a matter to dwell on for too long, as the frame can be removed from the case without much effort and additional nuts or threaded rails can be inserted.

Additional information

Wood Finish

Sapele, Walnut, Cherry, Oak

Horizontal Pitch

84HP, 104HP, 110HP, 126HP

Power Supply

Konstant Lab BoardPWR, No power, Tiptop Audio Zeus Studio Bus


H:520mm x D:490mm

Maximum Module Depth

Bottom Row: 65mm – Top Row: 100mm

6 reviews for 12U Eurorack Case Peter

  1. richard s. (verified owner)

    Outstanding product, extremely well crafted and solidly constructed and finished like a Rolls Royce, absolutely beautiful eurorack case. Built to order and delivered to my doorstep in less than 3 weeks.

  2. Bruce Percy

    The woodwork on the case has been beautifully crafted. It is much more beautiful than I had anticipated, and I am going to have to buy a 2nd unit soon, so I can have a matching one. Worth every penny, despite my initial feelings that it was a lot for a case. I can’t get over how well made it is.

  3. Mark Cousins (verified owner)

    A beautiful addition to my studio – I just need to fill it now!

  4. Bruce Percy (verified owner)

    Beautifully made wooden case. Exceeded expectations and the photos don’t do it justice. Have just bought a 2nd one 🙂

  5. Jonathan Attfield (verified owner)

    Absolutely delighted with the finished product. Beautifully made, quality throughout, couldn’t be happier with both the purchase process, and final product. Looking forward to filling it with modules over the coming years.

  6. jack c.

    a beautiful work of art, if i ever needed a second case i would not go anywhere else.

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