Eurorack Case – Graham

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Graham is an ergonomic quality plywood case, that comes in a range of vibrant colour washes that enhance the beautiful birch ply grain.
Clear depth within the case 125mm (before taking into account the addition of power installations).
Dimensions overall:
6U/84HP  – 302mmx 472mm x150mm
6U/104HP – 302mm x 574mm x 150mm
Made to order 2 to 3 weeks to dispatch.
Other sizes made to order.

You can have the option to include a cut out in the case to provide easy access to the external power input.

1. 2.5mm DC input with switch ( eg for TipTop Zeus)
2. 2.1mm DC input with switch.
3. A fused switch, IEC male power socket

If you want some help choosing the right case for you, don’t hesitate to email for advice or ideas, we’re more than happy to help.

All cases are supplied with M3 x8mm machine screws.


TipTop Zeus with 15v dc power adaptor TipTop Zeus StudioBus /Cincon (UK and World)Trogotronic M15 (UK and World)
Power TotalPer bus boardTotal
+12v 1000mA1200mA4000mA
-12v 500mA 800mA 5000mA
uZeusZeus StudioTrogotronic M15
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The TipTop Audio system provides quality eurorack power for your system. If you purchase your case with the TipTop Audio Zeus Studio Bus system, you will be provided.

  •  Zeus Studio Bus board – one for each row of modules.
  • Zeuss Access Switch.
  • Cincon-TTA Power Supply.

There is lots of information and additional details in the TipTop Audio Zeus Studio Bus manual. The manual is well worth reading to understand the system, although a great deal of the information is about installing the power in your case. Of course, if you order a SynthRacks case with a power system, we will install it for you. If you are starting to build up your Eurorack system, we can supply a single Zeus Studio Bus board, to which you can add additional boards as your system builds up (please get in touch to inquire about pricing). The case will be pre-drilled to accept new boards – if you get these from SynthRacks, we will supply all the necessary hardware (the standoffs/spacers) and hook up wires.

The Zeus Studio Bus board offers a total of 16 module connectors: 14 of them are 16-pin headers for connecting Eurorack modules and two of the connectors are for Analogue Systems modules. The additional 5V voltage needed by some modules is being generated internally by the Zeus Studio Bus. Three LEDs show the active voltages 12V, -12V and 5V. The maximal current per bus board is 1250mA at 12V, 800mA at -12V and 300mA at 5V. Tiptop Audio recommends the use of a powerful external power supply with 4.6A for providing up to three Zeus Studio Busses with power. The Cincon power supply will be supplied with a 13amp IEE lead (kettle style lead). If you are buying outside of the UK you will need to supply your own lead to connect the power to the mains.

Note: Cincon switching power supply works with 110v to 230v.


3-4 weeks from point of order.

Module Fixings

SynthRacks eurorack cases are all set up to accept M3 machine screws.

Each 3U will also be provided with M3 machine screws, which are suitable to use with the sliding nuts or the threaded rails. We keep a stock of all fixings so additional M3 machine screws and nuts can be purchased as required.

Sliding nuts are more economical and should allow you – by loosening the screws – to slide a module along the rail to reposition it without taking it out of the case. They will also ensure that the modules can butt up neatly to each other, which otherwise may not be possible with threaded rails, due to different manufacturers tolerances of the modules face panel.

Either way, not a matter to dwell on for too long as the frame can be removed from the case without much effort and additional nuts or threaded rails can be inserted.

Additional information


Gold, Red, Black, Blue



Horizontal Pitch

84HP to order (3-4 weeks), 104HP to order (3-4 weeks)

Power Supply

Konstant Lab BoardPWR, uZeus 4HP with Bus Board & Universal Boost, No power, uZeus 4HP PSU with Flying Bus Board

Utility Cut Out

Cut out, No cut out