Konstant Lab BoardPWR – 6U Bundle

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£257.00 (£214.17 ex VAT)

What is in the bundle:
• 1 x BoardPWR – small ´no HP´ power supply.
• 2 x Konstant Lab filtered bus board
• Power brick
• Power inlet panel with switch
• Fixings: spacers and screws.
• Electric hook up wires

The Konstant Lab BoardPWR unit is to be fitted inside the case and has a 45w of output power and uses an input 18v DC (16-20v)supplied from the included 60w x 18V MeanWell power brick. (In larger systems 2 BoardPwr units can be fitted simply chaining them together and using a single, stronger, power brick (16v-20v DC)
There are two types of output connections. You can connect bus boards via two 16pins IDC headers or the recommended way via high-quality WAGO spring terminals with the wires supplied. 3 LED’s indicate present and drop of output voltage.

There is a great deal of protection built in :
Input filter
Input overvoltage
Input reverse polarity voltage protection
Output overvoltage
Output short circuit – automatic recovery
Output overcurrent – automatic recovery
All output protections are independent for each rail

You are not dealing with mains wiring inside the case and therefore it is suitable for DIY installations.
At SynthRacks we are happy to fully install and test this system inside any case we are making for you.

Power Supply:
2000mA +12v
1200mA -12v
1500mA +5V

The two Konstant Lab filtered bus boards supplied with this bundle each have 18 shrouded (side-loaded) output headers. The filtered bus boards are low profile, this is ideal for all Konstant Lab power supplies but will work with other eurorack power supplies. The 18 output headers are divided into 2 areas; 12 direct headers with decoupling capacitors and 6 filtered headers with unique filtering circuits. The filtered headers are dedicated for feeding analog modules which are sensitive to power quality.

Input power is via a panel with 5.5 x 2.1 DC input (centre positive) and switch, connecting to the BoardPWR unit by spring terminals.

6 reviews for Konstant Lab BoardPWR – 6U Bundle

  1. Gareth (verified owner)

    I have been a synth racks customer for a few years and they are my go to company for Eurorack power and rails… Great service and look after me nicely…thanks guys

  2. Chris A. (verified owner)

    Great kit for my first Eurorack case, arrived quickly too

  3. Richard Gooch (verified owner)

    Really excellent power solution, exceeded my expectations!

  4. Matthis (verified owner)

    Great PSU and great customer support from Synthracks

  5. Simon M. (verified owner)

    The BoardPWR 6U bundle is an excellent piece of kit – easy to install and works really well. I have a couple of annoyingly noisy modules and the filtered section works beautifully to eliminate any unwanted hum/whistle. I also ordered the supply a few hours after ordering a frame – Synthracks automatically combined my orders and refunded the postage on one of them. Excellent!

  6. Dominic (verified owner)

    Great power supply

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