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Eurorack Power Supply Units (PSU)

Well, you can’t use your modules without a power supply. Luckily we have what you need to get your case powered up. If you are just getting started in the eurorack world, we have the basic power requirements to kick-start your modules into life. Or, if you are looking for a high powered efficient solution we have the premium products available to suit. For the DIY or the studio professional, we are available to help with any queries you may have around our power supply units.

Shop the range by the size of your case by using the links below, or scroll down, to shop by manufacturer and for greater detail on the individual parts.

The suggested bundles are guides to the likely suitable power supply for different case sizes. They are generalisations and you should always check that the power supplied is going to be sufficient for your intended set up, based on the power draw of your individual modules.

Shop the range by the size of your case by using the links below.

Shop by manufacturer

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